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All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. Henry Ellis ****************************************************************** Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Good bye Victoria, Hello Powell River

This evening as we departed Victoria, the sunset was marvelous. I bolted to my cabin to pick up my camera and sped to the stern to catch this awesome sight.

Dinner was marvelous as usual and due to the late party of the night before, we all turned in at a reasonable time. Tonight we would cruise all night to arrive at our next destination, Jervis Inlet in the morning. I slept with my cabin drapes open and when I awoke we were in the fjord. Pausing in bed this morning, just gazing at the scenery was wondrous and calming.

I soon dressed and headed up on deck to view the scenery full on.

I didn't know that we had fjords here in North America! I thought that was only in Norway! But here we were, in a real fjord. They were formed here in much the same way geologically that the Norway fjords were formed.

Soon the captain became quite excited and said we would be coming up on one of his favorite spots in the world. The clouds were quite low, so we might not get a full view, but he was going to take us nearer to the shoreline to get as good a look as possible.......

We could hear the sound of rushing water long before it came into sight, then suddenly a raging waterfall appeared out of the clouds! We stayed here for quite a while, the chatter of voices falling silent in reverent appreciation of the wonders of God and nature.

Due to the low clouds, only the bottom portion of the mighty torrent of water could be seen.

An eagle glided gracefully overhead, shrouded by the clouds, majestic and proud.

As we sat in front of the large windows of the dining room, enjoying our brunch buffet, the captain turned the ship down-river. We marveled at the mountains and scenery once more, motoring to our next stop, Powell River.

Powell River is a midsized community, not a usual stop for cruises. This is the first year Clipper had this stop on their itinerary and this is the 3rd stop they have made here. A group of Scottish pipers 'piped' us in with traditional tunes. Townsfolk trickled in towards the pier to see what visitors the Yorktown had brought them.

As we disembarked today, the Mayor of Powell River greeted each passenger with a hearty handshake and a welcome. The Chamber of Congress had also prepared a welcome packet for each of us.

The town has a small museum and a paper mill, but not much else to keep a ship of adventurers busy. The sports-lover aboard found the local bowling alley and decided to watch some football games on this quiet Saturday. My little band of agents, took the shuttle provided by the town and went to the local shopping mall. We picked up a few supplies like batteries here and continued to the main street to see what shopping could be found. Not much, so we returned to the ship for a quiet evening..

After dinner, the lounge seemed quieter than usual since many of the passengers meandered up to the bowling alley. Our concoction from the chef was now ready at the bar: He had mixed up vodka and berries, marinating them for 2 days to make a nice sweet beverage. As Bill and I enjoyed our treat, we rummaged around in the games cupboard, finding a TWISTER game! I began rearranging furniture to accommodate the game and placed the box in a prominent place at the entrance to the lounge. Then I sat like a black widow spider, waiting for my prey to come close enough to pounce upon! Soon, a nice gentleman from South Africa came by and was amused at our ingenuity. He had never seen the game and asked how it worked. HA! I got my first (and only) victim of the night! As Bill spun the dial and the other watched in amazement (or horror?) John and I began our duel. We had great fun, but very soon John rolled over and I was declared the Champ. He challenged me to another game after a bit of a rest, but I took him out yet again. We laughed and laughed! Somewhere there is a photo of this event, but not on my camera.

By 11 pm everyone had returned to the ship, we all turned in for the night and we said goodbye to Powell River, bound for Squamish.


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